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Bridging the gap

Our experience, creativity and the courage to break new ground bridge the gap between ideas and successful solutions. Overall we make change happen.

Colorful & Curious

With a curious and open mind, we see the world's many colors as a huge potential of opportunities believing in respect and trust.

Informed & Smart

We combine state of the art knowledge with situational facts to create smart solutions.

Passionate & Proud

As team players we are passionate innovators, ready to go the extra mile and proud of the outcome of our endeavors.

Responsible & Pragmatic

With no big words and a pragmatic approach we tackle challenges and take over the responsibility to implement efficient solutions.

Entrepreneurial & Excellent

Creating value and never losing the big picture are key to excel in our daily work.

Co-operative & Fast

We shortcut problem-solving by consistently sharing our ideas and our know-how with colleagues, collaborators and partners.

Our values

Step into our office

Take a look at our office in the beautiful Mattequartier in Bern.

This is how we do our work




We help you to analyze your ideas and problems, show you sustainable and innovative solutions and create tailor-made concepts for you. The cornerstone of any sustainable solution is a solid design - we are good at that.



We bring your next project to life! Engineering and implementing your solution is our core competence. We like to get our hands dirty.



We help you optimize and further develop your infrastructure and services. In case of problems, we support you professionally and straightforwardly.

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