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Managed Service Platforms


Enabling Managed ICT Services

Our mission is to help organizations transform their service delivery into fully automated and integrated managed services. To power this initiative, we help selected companies to establish successful software platforms.

XaaS Platforms

The creation of managed service platforms has become one of our strongest USP. Due to the optimal combination of skills and the experiences acquired over the years, we have become a leader and decisive success factor in this area.

XaaS platform solutions built for MSP providers today serve hundreds of individual companies and help our partners and their customers to enhance their delivery speed and business agility.

What we offer

If you are already an established service provider looking to take your digitalization to a new level, or if managed services are new terrain for you, we might have something to offer you.

In the past we have helped numerous key players in the MSP business to optimise their operations & automation endeavors, enhanced the customer's experience and helped them grow & scale their services.

We can support you and your teams during the design and implementation phase and help you to ramp up a managed service platform quickly, that is then fully integrated and run by your team. Or we can take over the driver's seat and create your new service offering outside of existing structures, run it as a pilot and allow you to experiment even faster.

Getting started with a platform approach, doesn't need a multi-year and million budget. We have found good ways to start small, validate the business case, and then scale up. So, whatever challenges your facing, from low-level NetDevOps automation, over hybrid-cloud orchestrated microservices, up to user-friendly self-service portals, we have you covered.

Our own product: neops

Since 2013, the MPS solutions we have built grew from pure infrastructure management into user centric self-service portals. It became our speciality to design & develop full MSP offerings that are deeply embedded with relevant business processes.

In this process we have gathered many insights and stumbled upon many pitfalls. neops is the consolidated output of all this: a fun to use, no-bullshit solution that makes network management not only a lot faster & easier but also way more joyful.

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