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Custom Software Solutions


Software Engineering that makes a Difference

Writing Code isn't difficult. Writing awesome code might be, but knowing which code solves business problems, is what ultimately matters. Starting from the vision, we lay out an initial plan how to get bring your idea into reality. Along the way, this plan gets adapted with new knowledge and discoveries. Closer to the customer, with less overhead and a better understanding of the challenges at hand, we create remarkable software solutions. Clean, simple, fast and mission critical bullet proof.

Where we shine

If you already know you need custom software, have all the requirements defined and just need somebody to code it, you do not need us. But if you have an idea where you want to go, yet the way is uncertain, we might be who you're looking for.

We run software projects almost like an expedition. Together with you and your team, we create an unbeatable crew that doesn't shy away from uncertainty, volatility and headcrunching challenges. Obstacles on a challenging route are to be expected and we're ready.

Our goal is to find & create the best possible solution within a given set of constraints, compromising on initial plans/ideas but never on the outcome.

The perfect software blend

Our software engineers know the world of OpenSource Software (OSS) like the back of their hand and if there are already some modules or solutions from which you can benefit, they will find and integrate them. While standing on the shoulders of giants of the OSS world, we custom develop the parts that make the winning difference for you. Additionally, we integrate and combine cloud services and platforms where applicable, to further speed up the process and leverage existing technology. This process is very often faster and more cost effective than trying to tailor down extensive off-the-shelf software or create custom software from scratch.

We're offering you the best possible blend of custom- and OSS-software combined with public cloud services, provided by a team that has the knowledge, will and power to make it happen.


While we love technology and are constantly trying out the latest trends and frameworks, we're very pragmatic when choosing a tech stack for the next project. We don't have one preferred tech stack, but rather choose the technology based on what fits best and is the most sustainable solution for your project. Currently, most of our projects use several of those technologies (everybody likes nice logos, right?) running on our k8s cluster, Heroku, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

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