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Full Service Network Engineering


engineering excellence

For centuries, people have sought the most efficient and simplest way to accomplish their work, giving rise to the practice of engineering. zebbra was founded by a group of engineers that not only love technology, but also enjoy pushing boundaries, experiment and innovate, fail, standup and try again. By adopting this mindset, we have been able to solve many challenges in high-profile projects and attracted talented people who share our passion for the art of engineering.

creative solutions for demanding ventures

We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet specific needs. By leveraging our expertise in a diverse area of cutting-edge technologies, we help our clients streamline their operations, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and achieve their business objectives.

zebbra is the partner of choice for global players in the event and sporting industry. With many years of experience in network design & automation as well as profound knowledge in game changing technologies we provide reliable network solutions for some of the biggest international events.

Network Design & Automation: 

zebbra helps to design, build and run some of Switzerland's most critical network infrastructures. Especially when it comes to automation challenges, zebbra is relayed upon by well known service providers and high-profile events around the world. Our contributions have enabled a new level of automation, unmatched speed and network agility.

Monitoring & Data Interpretation:

Data can be beautiful! Especially if you can make sense out of trillions of data points. We specialized in creating scalable platforms that can collect millions of data points/sec, logs and traces and present them in easily understandable and actionable ways. By partnering with VictoriaMetrics (a High Performance Open Source Time Series Database) and leveraging Grafana's visualization power, we can give you the data you need in the right context.

Software Engineering:

Software engineers are builders of virtual worlds, their imagination is the limit. We analyze your network challenges and our team of engineers build your solutions either from scratch (check out how we do software development) or implementing our own automation tool neops.

DevOps / Kubernetes / the cloud & everything:

To make software work, it needs to have the right platform to run on. No matter what platform that is, software feels most happy if it can be deployed in no time, gets tested on the way, automatically scales up and down and moves around in case of underlying infrastructure or software failure. Along the way of writing software, those aspects became increasingly important, and we acquired skills to ensure our software was happy. Today we help our clients ramp up their own cloud (hybrid) infrastructures so their applications can thrive too.

Our own product: neops

For more than 10 years wie built solutions that grew from pure infrastructure management into user centric self-service portals. In this process we have gathered many insights and stumbled upon many pitfalls. neops is the consolidated output of all this: a fun to use, no-bullshit solution that makes Network Operation not only a lot faster & easier but also way more joyful. is a comprehensive ICT automation platform, designed to tackle even the most complex challenges.
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Our specialty?

Mastering those individual disciplines is already hard, but what we are really good at, is combining them cross-functionally into fully automated platforms and services.

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